Warehousing involves storing of physical inventory for subsequent sale or distribution to the end customers either domestically or to the overseas customers. The very intent of warehousing is to temporarily store products in bulk before either shipping them to other locations. With the expansion of global supply chain, the Warehousing plays a crucial role in timely and cost effective delivery of the goods to the customers.

warehousing and storage

TML combines the Warehousing services with other logistic solutions to provide a comprehensive offering to its customers involving the safe and reliable storage and transportation of the goods. Our key charters tic features, which sets us apart in terms of Warehouse Services are as under:

  • Flexible and On-demand warehousing ensures that your company is not burdened with a monthly fixed cost or heavy security deposits. Instead, we customize your requirement of the space on variable terms depending upon your minimum uses during the specified period
  • On demand Manpower support at the Warehouse ensures flexibility of getting skilled persons who has hands-on experience and knowledge in shipments, put away, materials picking tasks, and other operations including labeling, packaging, kitting, inventory counting, documentation, and system operators
  • Our Warehouse now ensures Stock Insurance, amenities payment, property tax, and compliance relate NOC, trade licensing, FSSAI licensing etc
  • Logistic support ensure that you can avail first mile, mid mile, and last-mile logistics services with relay and real-time tracking for inter and intra-city movements along with route optimization. With access to multiple partners we have now has simplified the logistical process, so your organization can only focus on core business
  • 24/7 Security ensures that each warehouse is well equipped with CCTV cameras and other passive security measures
  • We customize your Warehousing requirements to provide BTS service i.e. builds to suit warehousing facilities that include infrastructure, compliance, building materials, electricity connections along customer-specific requirements
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